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Graduate Certificate

Director: Alison Bailey

Academic Advisor: Tom Gerschick, Alison Bailey, and Mandy Dartt

Value of Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies is an option for students whose interest in women and gender issues leads them toward particular courses and thesis topics in their department / school and for those who seek further work in interdisciplinary feminist theory and methods. This graduate certificate requires a 12-hour course of study. Students must complete WGS 400, either WGS 490 or ENG 460 and six elective credits.

If you are pursuing a graduate degree in Social Work and would like to enhance your education by also receiving a graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies, please see the brochure that explains the collaboration between these two departments.

Admission Requirements

Students who seek the certificate in conjunction with a graduate degree program must meet admission requirements for that degree and also be admitted for the certificate. Non-degree-seeking graduate students must meet the university graduate admission requirements and be admitted for the certificate.

Degree-seeking graduate students should consult their graduate program coordinator / advisor as well as the Women's and Gender Studies academic advisor. Non-degree-seeking graduate students desiring to apply for the graduate certificate should contact the Women's and Gender Studies academic advisor. Admission for all certificate students is made upon the recommendation of the Women's and Gender Studies Program director.

The 12 credit hours required for the graduate certificate are drawn from diverse academic disciplines, and are made up of the required courses and electives. See list of courses.

Graduate Certificate Process

You can apply for the Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) graduate certificate at any time, even after you have completed Women's and Gender Studies courses.

Completion Process

  1. At the beginning of your final semester, make an appointment for an exit interview with Academic Advisor  Tom Gerschick . Prior to the appointment, please review the Certificate Audit and bring the necessary documents to complete it at your exit interview.
  2. After exit interview, review the "Forms for Students Completing a Certificate Program" section (located at the bottom of the page) of the Graduate School website to ensure that all steps have been taken for completing a Certificate Program
    • Complete the Certificate Audit form at the exit interview with the Academic Advisor.
    • Fill out the Application for Completion form individually.
  3. Review the Graduate School's Important Graduation Deadlines/Commencement website to ensure that all steps have been taken to graduate on time.

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